Essay on Professional Development Is An Effective Teacher

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Somebody has rightly said that learning begins in the womb and ends in the tomb. All of us are constantly learning and help each other learn something new everyday. Now the question posed here is- As teachers how can we develop professionally as well as help in each others growth ? Our profession compels us to commit ourselves to continued learning .According to Darling -Hammond Professional development is a ' process of enhancing teaching 's professional status by expanding the knowledge base upon which the profession draws and increasing teachers ' epistemological awareness ' while many others simply say ' professional development is professional growth '.
.Dr Dennis Francis emphasizes that one of the characteristics of an effective teacher is that he or she is open to learning and that she or he realizes that an effective teacher not only creates an effective learning environment but considers herself as one of the learners in that environment which often happens to be in this case the classroom. Further he has also given a few ideas on how we can create opportunities to develop and enhance our skills .To begin with its important to understand that teachers must begin to see each other as their most powerful resources for improving teaching. There should be a healthy working environment where each one motivates the other .Sharing ones success stories must be encouraged and not necessarily be dismissed off as boasting.. Teachers should engage in informal…

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