Essay on Professional Community Engagement Plan For A Given Community

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Professional Community Engagement Plan
Community engagement refers to the involvement of all the community members in activities aimed at improving their livelihoods (Bernoth, Dietsch & Davies, 2012). The inclusion of the community members, thus commences with the identification of the relevant issues or problems affecting a given community or a group of people in a given community to the decision-making on how to address the issues of sharing of the outcomes or results. The primary goal of this paper, therefore, is to provide a community engagement plan for a given community. The chosen community for this assignment is the rural aged community in Australia.

The aged people who live in the rural areas can have difficulties in accessing certain services such as health care services despite their high rate of vulnerability to diseases if appropriate measures are not put into place (Bernoth, Dietsch & Davies, 2012). Although the Australian government has played a significant role in an attempt to improve the livelihoods of the aged, the services in the rural areas may not be adequate as compared to those of the larger population living in the urban areas due to the increasing number of the aged population. Therefore, there is need to revisit the issues affecting the aged and improve service provision in the rural areas. The aged population is as important as the younger population as members of a community. The aged community, according to Bernoth, Dietsch and Davies (2012)…

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