Proctor and Gamble Essay

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OD Application: “Changing P&G”

Proctor and Gamble is known as one of the largest consumer product companies in the world. With over 170 years of business experience they have also become one of the world’s largest manufacturer of home cleaning products. (Brown 2011) P&G invented branding in the 19th century: since then it has acquired products and companies like wildfire, from Cover Girl, to Pepto Bismol. (Business Insider. 2014) Throughout this paper we will examine whether P&G integrated behavioral, structural, or technological change strategies throughout the re-formation of the organization. We will examine whether or not they used all three strategies to effectively change the cultures and ideology of the
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In 2012 P&G was accredited for having the top ten most successful new products. These products ranged from improvements to the Old Spice line, the Wella Me+ product line, and even some of the Gucci products it is affiliated with. (P&G) From 2000 to 2009 the company more than doubled its sales and grew its portfolio of billion dollar brands from 10 to 23. (P&G) The executive management team that is currently in place at P&G invests a large amount of time perfecting and assuring that the core purpose, values and principles remain strong and true. The portfolio of recognition from external agencies is amazing; they are ranked in Forbes, Fortune, Barron’s, Universum, Chief Executive Magazine, Innovation IRI, Gartner, and National Association for Female Executives, Working Mother and Sustainability.

Discussion I think that P&G has come a long way from the 1800’s; from the past, through the present, they have been able to enjoy all of the rewards that a high quality, high output, and Innovative organization can enjoy. Before I had this assignment I didn’t know anything about the P&G Company; it is amazing how this organization has endured changes throughout the years, 175 years to be exact. Mr. Lafley’s approach to change is what allowed the companies trajectory to go forward full steam. I don’t think that OD processes and methods were

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