Essay on Procrastination Cause And Effect Of Procrastination

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Procrastination Cause and Effects Doing things at the last-minute is a trait that many people do not wish to have, but have done at one point or another. Putting things off or procrastinating is an idea that someone puts a certain task or chore aside until it is urgent. It is common among people who do not feel like completing the task at that very moment. Procrastinating can have many effects on someone’s life in more than one way.
One effect that procrastination can have on a person’s life is inability to carry out goals. Procrastination can be harmful to goals that someone may want to reach. Goals are things someone sets for themselves to reach. It can be anything from losing weight, to making a good grade on a test. For example, if someone chose to reach a certain weight loss in a certain period of time, and that person kept making poor diet choices in that period of time, it would be less likely of that person to reach their goal weight if they procrastinate with their diet. Procrastinating a goal could also mean putting off things that someone might not enjoy in place of something more reasonable in someone’s mind. In one article covering procrastination and tasks it states “Task avoidance, combined with poor self-control becomes a way of regulating current mood by escaping the lack of positive rewards associated with current tasks…. Replaces these tasks with more pleasurable and enjoyable one” (Sirois). Doing something like procrastinating can seem helpful to a…

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