Procedural History: The Magna Carta Case

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Procedural History: the Magna Carta case was only heard in the Supreme Court, the reason of it only been to the Supreme Court is because Magna Carta was the most important documents in history as it is outlined main and basic rights of everyone, and it also defined that everyone was subject to law, including the king. Since it was a incredibly significant case it was only heard by our senior judges in the Supreme Court.
Summary of the facts leading up to the case being brought: Richard I of England spent most of his reign outside England, fighting wars in the Middle East and France and in 1199, Richard died and his brother, John became the king of England. John continued to fight wars in France however, he kept losing the battles, in 1214, and he lost the Battle of Hastings, when he was back home his barons were incandescent and unhappy, John exploiting their loyalty and belief in his complete power. The barons all rebelled and in June 1215 the rebel barons met him in neutral territory, king John had no choice he accepted the balanced demand and signed the Magna Carta. It was the first formal document stating that king also had to follow the laws of the land and guaranteed the individual rights. Magna Carta established the principle that the individuals of England , at that stage
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The king was also subject to law. King also had to follow the laws in the land and Magna Carta also guaranteed the rights of individuals and their freedom to do anything they wish, even if was against the king`s interest, meaning that people`s freedom couldn’t be taken away from anyone except by the judgement. King`s illegitimate actions, actions that wasn’t good for England`s good could be limited by the Barons. Consequently, there were checks and balances on the King`s powers by a separate

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