Problems Associated With Water Supply Systems Essays

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Variations in climate have occurred over millions of years however over the last several decades given the population growth and level of water pollution that the majority of fresh waters are subjected to it becomes clear we are facing a problem of epic proportion. (Malmqvist et al. 2008 as cited by Woodward, et al., 2010). In most countries except for a just a very few industrialized nations water use has steadily increased over recent decades. Population and economic growth, changes in socioeconomic lifestyles and expanded water supply systems, with irrigation water use being by far one of the most important cause all represent reasons for this rapid increase. Worldwide, irrigation accounts for about 70% of total water withdrawals and for more than 90% of consumptive water use which may be defined as water volume not available for reuse downstream (Bates, et al. 2008).

Recent analyses has shown a trend of warming rates in the lower- and mid-troposphere that are very similar to the warming rates at the surface. Attribution studies have shown that a large percentage of the documented increase in global temperatures that have occurred since the mid-20th century is, in all probability, due in part to the documented increase in anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations. (Bates, et al,. 2008) When considering the continental scale, it appears that a significant level of anthropogenic warming over the past 50 years averaged over each of the continents except…

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