Problems Associated With The Current Scheduling System Essay

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Chapter Three
Proposed Program Based on the problems associated with the current scheduling system and the research in the previous chapter, it is important that Central DeWitt High School consider the feelings and preferences of the students when creating the schedules. Therefore, I am proposing that the administration and staff members consider allowing students to indicate who they would prefer to have as their teacher. This may require teachers to teacher different courses, which would allow the administration to have more flexibility when creating the master schedule. This would not guarantee that each student would have each teacher that they have requested but that their input is considered when creating the schedule. In the proposed plan it will be important to education the teachers, students, parents, the counselors, and the administration. The plan will need to include how to collect the information, implement the plan, what will happen when a request could not be honored, and which courses will need to be taught by more then one teacher.
Members of the Action Team It is important that this action team consist of committee members that represent of each stakeholder. This will have an impact on the climate and culture of the school and it is important to include each stakeholder throughout the process, even though this maybe considered more of an administration issue. Therefore, the proposed committee team will include the high school principal, assistant…

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