Essay on Problems Associated With Technical Writing

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Technical writing is the ability to convert complicated concepts into processes that the audience can easily understand (MacLemale 2001). Technical writing relies on knowing the purpose, audience, and how much knowledge they may have on the topic. Health care professionals require most of their communication among other members of the patient’s healthcare team to be online. In nursing, technical writing is used for documentation, charting, and instructing (MacLemale 2001).
There are differences in writing within different educational backgrounds in nursing
(Budzyn n.d.). The Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse usually write for documentation, and primarily writing to describe the patient and their condition. A nurse that holds a MSN degree, or master 's degree, write in an administrative style, and the nurse that holds a Ph.D. writes for publication, research, and literary review (Budzyn n.d.) .
Technical writing in Nursing is used for issues that may arise such as lawsuits, patient education, research, and for healthcare education. Technical writing requires in depth explanations of procedures, it is not opinion oriented, it expresses step by step processes so that the steps taken are clear to the audience (Information about Writing Expectations in Nursing).
Documentation is defined as anything written or printed and is a critical part of nursing practice (Information about Writing Expectations in Nursing). Writing in the field of nursing is

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