Essay on Pro Life Versus Pro Choice

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The debate of pro-life versus pro-choice has been active in America since the 1960’s. This paper researches both of the opposing sides to understand their history and the current debate. Furthermore, views and arguments for each are discussed in this paper. Several movements have been formed to raise awareness regarding both the pro-life and pro-choice moments. Pro-life considers that abortion is murder and it should be banned by law everywhere in America. Conversely, Pro-choice speaks for the women’s right to have control of her body and puts forward the fact that abortion is a personal choice. This paper focuses on the debate by highlighting the pros and cons on each end of the spectrum. Moreover, statistics covering both pro-life and pro-choice are illustrated as evidence to support each side’s argument. After analyzing facts, figures, and arguments one side will dominate the debate and will be determined to have the most convincing argument.
Many movements have taken place to support pro-life i.e. to hinder people on logical grounds from receiving elective abortions. These movements were a direct reaction to abortion being legalized in America (Flanders, 2016). At the most basic level, it has been stressed that abortion is the intentional termination of life within the womb of the mother. The pro-choice concept took center stage when the Supreme Court of America handed down two cases regarding the legalization of abortion. In the decision of both the cases,…

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