Pro Immigration Essay

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According to Bouvier (1986) Yearly sums of new immigrants in the US may present day be up to really high records of above a million immigrants calculated in 6 years among 1905 and 1914:
Since 1979, legal immigrants have averaged 566,000 a year (570,009 in 1985), newly arrived refugees and asylees approved have averaged 135,000, and the "settled" illegal immigrant population is growing by up to 1/2 million a year, according to some estimates. 1/2 of illegal immigrants are persons who entered the US legally but then overstayed the terms of temporary visas (Bouvier, 1986).
Immigration has gradually increased over the years and they mostly enter the US with documented temporary visas, but later expired and never renewed to stay in
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There’s many people who disagree about immigrants coming and/or crossing international borders illegally. Their acts against immigrants has effectively damaged and anger many citizens. Race and ethnicity has become a big major in many states causing stereotype about immigrants being criminals or aliens. Yet, there’s many people who agree that immigrants do have the right to come into our country for a better life. Not all immigrants are the issues.
Argument/ pro-immigrant Immigration brings positive and beneficial outcomes to the United states. According to West (2011) immigrants bring more benefits to the US than problems:
When asked specifically about jobs created and lost due to immigration, 51 percent believe that immigrants take jobs away from native-born workers. However, 86 percent believe that immigrants are hard workers, and 61 percent think immigrants create jobs and set up new businesses. (West, 2011, p. 432).
As you can see their majority of the people believe immigrants are hard workers and create jobs and businesses. Therefore, these kind of benefits will boost our economic

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