Essay on Pro Choice Vs Pro Life

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Abortion, how evil is it really and should we have it legal in this country. How can we tell if abortion a positive or a negative in pro-choice vs pro-life arguments, in special cases, in american politics, in medical cases, and different races and different religions. These are the issues for pro choice versus pro life in different situation. In pro-choice and in pro-life they both have different views. Pro-life views are when life really begins and how they make a baby. Pro-choice is different, because they think it 's all about that person 's choice and not when life really begins. The real issue is when does life actually begin.
President Ronald Reagan once said when he was in office “The real question today is not when human life begins, but ‘what is the value of human life?’....The real whether that tiny human life had a God-given right to be protected by law-the same right we all have.” (Corinne J. Naden)
Also is it really murder since there is no way to classify when life really begins. How far apart are pro-choice and pro-life well these different groups both use different tones or words when they talk about the unborn child and/or “fetus”. They are also different in the aspect of pro-choice being a feminist group and pro-life not being feminist and anti-abortionist. They are also very violent for their cause and pro-life aren’t. Should it also be a woman 's personal choice to get the abortion? Pro-life advocates think that all life is precious and…

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