Pro Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is a global issue and it is virtually between life and death. That is when the government kills a person by using legal constitution, and sometimes it is called the death penalty. The death penalty is the prosecution of people who have been found guilty of malefaction that is measured to be capital punishment. Capital punishment has been practiced for many years, in the United States and across the world. In the United States, each state has the right to accept if they will use capital punishment for committed crimes by individual in their state or not. The death penalty is practiced in the United States, but few states abrogated including Minnesota. States like Texas, Missouri, and Georgia still practice death penalty. …show more content…
history.” Capital punishment has many factors that should not be ignored because it’s an act of violence which only propagates further violence. If someone who is in prison is executed, it only produces more victims. The family members feel shame and cannot socialize with people. As Evans King Masters said in the article Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished, “The death penalty creates additional victims. When a prisoner is executed, that person is often someone 's parent, someone 's child. The Commission gave no consideration to the impact the death penalty has upon the family of the condemned, but when the state carries out an execution, his or her surviving family members become the family of a homicide victim. The faces of that family are hidden by silence and shame, but we cannot ignore the reality that the innocent children of killers put to death are impacted in ways society, as a whole, has never examined.” Capital punishment should be abrogated in the United State and around the globe because it is a coldblooded act, it costs more than life itself, and possibility of killing the wrong …show more content…
The death penalty is merciless because of the way the person is executed is lamentable and deplorable. When someone wants to be killed, the executor is callousness and does not have mercy and commiseration in his heart. The capital punishment is the last thing anyone can ever think going through in his life. This is when someone gives up all his expectation of a happy life, and going through sorrow and doleful life. The ways that are used to kill someone is inhumane. They no longer use the drugs that were used in ancient days to kill people, but they rather use new drugs injection that is mixed with different drugs. This can make someone take longer time to die, tormented, and it is not an easy process. As Hyden Marc pointed out in the article, The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished, “Many states can no longer obtain the previously used and approved death penalty drugs. So they 've started experimenting on inmates with new drug combinations acquired from secret sources. This has led to botched, torturous executions. In Ohio, Dennis McGwire audibly struggled for 25 minutes before he

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