Essay on Privilege Is A Big Part Of Society

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Privilege is a big part of society and it always will be unless America turns into a communist state in the upcoming years! Privilege isn 't something earned when someone is born, privilege is something you either have or don 't. Privilege is defined as "a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people." So that 's pretty much saying if we were in a foot race people with privilege would get a ten second head start over all of us. Which in the game of life that can make the whole difference between getting a good job and a bad job. Yet as the video explained there is a big deference between people with privilege and people without privilege. In the example where students had to throw a crushed paper ball into a trash can, which simply showed how privilege is unfair for everyone, the only people who complained where the one in the back of the classroom. If someone has privilege they don 't always see it, all they see is the trash can or their goals right I front of them. While the people in the back only see everyone in front of them and they can hardly see the trash can. This amazing example showed how everyone has a chance but how unfair the system can truly be. Yet it 's a system we can 't really get rid of or try to change. There will always be privileged students and there will always be underprivileged students. Yet white privilege is a whole new subject, in the article White Privilege by…

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