Privacy Concerns On The 21st Century Essay

2249 Words Dec 14th, 2014 null Page
Privacy Concerns in the 21st Century America has always been a country where the privacy rights of individuals have always been one of the most important issues and concerns. Modern technology has progressed to a point where more and more of us are becoming literally dependent on the use of numerous sources like the worldwide internet, and new age electronic digital devices to do our daily business. New age technology does help improve our lives in several ways, however, there is a huge impact of intrusion that comes to us through these sources and devastating implications are being placed on our right to privacy. This being said, “While new age technology can help us advance, it also has its disadvantages because there are many concerns regarding privacy invasion where violations are made against our privacy rights, we give out too much information, and our information is shared with outside sources.” There are huge concerns regarding privacy invasion because violations are made against our privacy rights. Sometimes when people access the worldwide internet they do not realize how much privacy is lost. Internet privacy is a complicated issue. Websites continually collect all of the personal data relating to us that they can. To further complicate matters, there are criminals who consistently break into our personal data, websites, and online bank accounts. Their purpose is to steal our money and use any personal information for their gain and profits. Some people…

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