Persuasive Essay On Edward Snowden

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New technologies are putting more pressure on the boundaries of privacy. New ways are emerging that aid in tracking private information on individuals. No matter what new technology emerges, individual privacy rights should be respected at all levels. Americans are concerned of how to maintain an equilibrium between their personal privacy rights and the need for government to track potential terrorist threats since Edward Snowden leaked National Security Agency's (NSA) documents which included collections of information regarding data from cellphone and internet of millions of Americans. Freedom, privacy and safety are the rights of Americans and should not be compromised to confirm safety from terrorism. Edward Snowden is a hero because his …show more content…
The US government is charging him for the violation of the “Espionage Act” for leaking unauthorized information to the press and intruding on government’s property. Furthermore, Snowden leaks illustrated government inconsistency over the right of privacy. If Snowden intrudes on government privacy, it is a violation of their rights and is unconstitutional. For this reason, Snowden should be prosecuted and put in jail. When National Security Agency and US government intrude on the privacy of millions of people and justify their action by saying that it is to protect against terrorism, it is ok. Being a part of the democratic society, US citizens have to give up their right to privacy for their right to security. Government’s privacy is important but the privacy of millions of people has no importance.
Currently US Government is charging Mr. Snowden with up to 30 years in jail to lifetime sentence. Edward Snowden should not be jailed. The US government wants Edward Snowden punished for leaking government secrets to the press. Edward Snowden used his right of “freedom of press” guaranteed by First Amendment to show US citizens that their rights were being violated by their own government who is collecting their information without warrants. American would have never known the truth without Snowden’s heroic

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