Jeffrey Toobin's Edward Snowden Is No Hero?

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Register to read the introduction… The New Yorker in itself has two articles written by their staff writers posing two completely different viewpoints; Jeffrey Toobin claiming “Edward Snowden is No Hero”, while John Cassidy makes a case for “Why Snowden is a Hero”. In Toobin’s argument against Snowden he cites examples that Snowden has revealed information that has put others’ lives in risk that would have otherwise been protected which immediately in itself warrants prosecution. Along with this Cassidy goes on to talk about the data collection as a necessary evil and that Snowden had no right to disrupt a government run system. “If he had a problem with how things were run he needed to take it up with someone at Booz Allen before taking it upon himself to release information to the public” (Cassidy) The other end of this opinion falls to Jeffery Toobin who claims that Snowden did this for the benefit of the country and should be praised. Toobin says that in this time in American society it takes someone brave enough to disrupt the current to see something for what it truly is and call them out on it, despite the consequences. Toobin believes that any time a government becomes unjust it is the people of America’s duty to do something about it, and that is what Snowden …show more content…
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