Essay on Privacy And The Right Of Privacy

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The overarching idea of individual liberties is that they are fundamental, meaning that they have been recognized by the Supreme Court and are held at the highest degree of protection. Any type of governmental interference must be for the “furtherance of a legitimate governmental interest” and applied under the judicial review of strict scrutiny. This means that for a law has to pass, there must be a further “compelling governmental interest.” Currently, many of these liberties and rights are infringed upon in order to promote the general welfare or to establish security. A primary example of rights being compromised for security is the Patriot Act, which was established in 2001 after the 9/11 Attacks. The intent of the Act was to detect terrorism more efficiently; however, it invaded liberties such as the right of privacy and the right to Due Process under the Fourteenth Amendment. While our right of privacy is protected, under the overarching concern of national security, certain Due Process and privacy rights are limited in order to fight against terrorism. The right of privacy is also similar to the Fourth Amendment, which includes the right against unreasonable searches and seizures. With probable cause and/or a search warrant, police can search one’s car or house acting under general welfare or security. This has recently become an issue with iPhones. The government has been asking Apple for “backdoors” into iPhones in order to view content on important suspect’s…

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