Essay on Prisons Is Poor Prison Management

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Every day, assaults, riots, rapes and murders are a fact of life in our nation’s prisons. In my opinion, sometimes our correctional system seems to cause more problems than assistance to the society. The system is very expensive, overcrowded, and inefficient in certain aspects. One of the problems The United States Correctional System faces today is prison violence. Violence is not random or mindless but steamed from identifiable conflicts between inmates that had escalated due to the lack of positive coping skills and could be avoided with more counseling accessibility. In class, we had the opportunity to see shanks which were extremely cool, because not only did I get to learn about something that I had never heard about before, but I also got to put it into a realistic perspective on what goes on in prison.
One of the main reasons that cause violence is prisons is poor prison management. Jails that are poorly managed making it easier for inmates to bring drugs into the jail. Therefore, inmates can abuse drugs and this can cause violence due to drug deals went wrong, etc. Another cause of violence is gang related activities. Having gangs inside the prison cause a lot of violence. Also, inmates who give any information to the guards can face a great deal of danger because snitching is considered going against prison code.
Unfortunately, it has come to my understanding that the system is not doing well with having enough resources. Therefore, the jail inmates are faced many…

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