Prison Reform, We Need Change Essay

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Persuasive Essay: We Need Change
In today's society, we’re facing many changes. Our own family, neighbors, and countrymen are afraid of many dangers that influence their lives. In America, we have somewhat of a low crime rate as far as murders, having a rating of twenty-four of sixty-two countries. Although our drug offense rate is number two of sixty-two, in the categories of rape, assault, and kidnapping, the United States tops at number one. We find ourselves asking, why? How did this nation accumulate such high numbers of these crimes? We point our fingers to prisoners and those who are or were convicted on the street. But we aren’t considering how they got that way in the first place.
Everyone grows up with a role model, parent,
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The history of prisons and the inmates who maintain a certain reputation, and recruit other criminals to be like them, have also been a problem within the system. So many gangs within the prisons have restrained many prisoners from becoming better individuals. Once a prisoner commits an act of violence onto another, their sentence and punishment is often increased. When an inmate doesn’t join or follow the gang life once they enter, they become targets with no defense. It has been increasingly hard to prevent these gangs from going on, that acceptance of them has become necessary for survival in jail. Some inmates are incapable of change. Statistics report almost half of the people in jail have a mental illness, most are not aware they have. So for those people, a positive change and rehabilitation will be harder to overcome. How is a person supposed to want to change and become a proper citizen when they are emotionally and physically suppressed? Of course a person needs to be accounted for their actions and be punished. But to maintain focus in a negative direction, will do no good within prison walls. To provide a stronger encouraging opportunity to change for cons will give them the option of being a citizen again, instead of residing to prison “hard life.” Not only do the guards and gangs within the prisons affect the possibility of reform, but the people outside of the prison. If prisoners were given positive feedback for a good deed

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