Mass Incarceration Reform Essay

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Incarceration Reform
Rehabilitation has been undermined in our society and is an issue that must be discussed to the full extent. It is something that many people have disregarded as an option that may help the crisis of mass incarceration. Sure prisons create more jobs, but to what extent does this really help our society as a whole.The quality of teaching needs to improve immensely in public schools, so there can be a greater chance of success in the future and possibly dissolve the school to prison pipeline. This quality of education can inform students to be well versed when it comes to political issues such as mass incarceration. Just knowing and being educated is the best way to help our society improve. This way we may not be as ignorant
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The worst thing is that reports show that people who have committed minor drug crimes have longer sentences and find it harder to find stable jobs after prison (William). It has been proven that the major reason there was a boom in mass incarceration is because of the war on drugs and many people in prison are there because of this. Which honestly make rehabilitation even more plausible because these people need it. Once sentences are made less harsh and rehabilitation is an accepted idea we must pass a law stating that people who have completed the rehabilitation program in prison are allowed to work and not be penalized for their past crimes since that 's what prison is for. This way once people are put out of prison no longer struggle to find jobs and no longer leads them back into prison and to finding illegal ways to make a living. This helps correct their wrongs , helps them learn and gives them a better chance at succeeding in the future which in turn helps out the community and society in a positive …show more content…
Now the masses will be hooked on this idea which even though many people say have been implemented before, is mostly disregarded by many. Now a large support for it has grown and must move to the next phase of implementing rehab like prison and decreasing sentences so that rehabilitation can actually be possible. While phase one is starting prisons start changing their directions to more of a rehab center.This will be seen through the training of policing and will now need to have training in communications skills and have some sort rehabilitative mindset and go through physiological training. Since this will all be happening in phase one it may take a while for the definition of prison to change to a rehabilitation center. While all of this is happening we have to amass as much funds as possible to fund these programs and of course all the money that is being used for prisons will now be going to rehabilitation centers, the new prisons. We get doctors to make human connections with their patients, no longer called prisoners, this way it mimics a community through a controlled environment such as in Finland.An article talks about how Finland and other scandinavian countries that focused more on rehabilatation have correctional officers that fill both rehabilitative and security roles, they are also one of the lowest in

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