Priscilla Queen Of The Desert Essay

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Priscilla queen of the desert is a musical about the journey of two drag queens and a transgender woman on their way to a drag performance from Downtown Australia to Alice Springs, Australia on a pink glittery bus. Throughout their journey, the three encounter many strange people, places and situations, which they handle with a comedic grace. The performance given by all the actors and actresses in Priscilla Queen of the desert were outstanding. The energy the characters had on a calm Sunday afternoon was very fun; I was very excited throughout the show. My friend and I were constantly singing and dancing in our seats with each song that was performed. Many of the characters stuck with me after the performance and I can recall their scenes that had me at the edge of my seat with excitement, laughing at the jokes or had me feeling nervous for them when in strange situations. For example, the main character Tick, who was played by Jonathan Contreras, was a great performer the way he would use his body to display an awkward or timid feeing he had when placed in less than desirable situation. Tick’s use of body language and the use of his voice really projected what he throughout the musical and during certain songs felt. A few examples of tick using his voice in songs to show his emotion are I Say a Little Prayer, Always on My Mind, and True Colors all three songs were a bit sad yet meaningful which Tick really displayed in the way he used his voice whole singing. Another…

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