Priority Lists of Hrm Issues Essay

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Priority Lists of HRM Issues
Priority #1: Supervisor span of control
Justification: Effective span of control for one supervisor typically is 5-8 people depending on the drivers of the department and the experience of the supervisor. In Bob’s case, it may have been more beneficial to begin with him supervising 5 people and taking on more as his experience grew. Or, he should have not been hired.
Action to be taken: Evaluate how many direct reports each supervisor currently has and look at realigning or delayering as possibilities.
HR Domain: Organizational Design
Priority #2: Realigning salaries based on performance measures and not hierarchical job titles
Justification: Employees have been promoted into positions and have been
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Roberts. An external opportunity exists from the purchasing of a new bank which will allow for restructuring to occur and movement of responsibilities among current staff. Likewise, an external threat is the bank may be growing too fast, as it is still young, and employee experience will not keep up. The company is threatened by finding underqualified replacements to fill positions.

Assessment Questions (Exercise 1.3)
1. Do you agree or disagree with the recommendations of Ms Sterret? Is it lawful to cut employees pay as Ms. Sterret suggests?
I believe Bob needs to be placed on HR’s watch list. However, the company cannot just sever ties with him. Bob has dealt with personal and health issues which may be contributing to his work performance. The company should put him on a performance improvement plan to re-focus his efforts. Additionally, the company may recommend outside resources to help with his personal struggles.

I do not feel it is unlawful to cut employees pay but employees must be evaluated against their responsibilities for it to be justified. Beginning to cut employee pay without any supporting data or documentation for failing to meet performance measures is not lawful.

2. What other information would be helpful in preparation for recommending action to be taken?
It would be helpful to know how the employees have performed on their past

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