Essay on Principles of Assessment

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Unit 301:
Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

Question 1: Define the key concepts and principles of assessment

We should always consider what the assessment experience of assessment is like for our learners. Considering key principles in the designing of our assessments will keep our views fresh and reflective.

Key principle 1: Put the learner at the heart of the assessment.

The assessment experience should be a motivational one for our learners. It is only by developing the learners understanding of the function of assessments and enabling their development as a learner that a motivational experience is facilitated. Learners often feel detached or on the periphery of assessment because they perceive it
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|Assessment method |Strengths |Limitations |Meeting individual needs |
|Group work |-Seeing peoples’ point of view. |-Learners with more introverted |-Social loafers can be put into groups |
| |-Learn from one another. |personalities may be uneasy in a |that include environmental influencers |

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