Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen Essay

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The views of marriage by the average individual may seem very simple. When people think of marriage, they think of two individuals in love. They may not see the true values that shall become of between a man and a women, lasting a lifetime. In Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, marriage reflects many different aspects in the life of a man and a woman joined by their vows. Austen shows her very strong views on marriage throughout this novel. In Pride and Prejudice, Austen illustrates her views on marriage and the difference between a happy and unhappy marriage by putting together a sequence of events that lead up to how each of these kind of marriages play out in the novel.

In Pride and Prejudice, money and selfishness becomes the root to unhappy marriages. “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” (Austen 9). This shows how a man with a lot of money needs to find a women to marry only because of the money he entitles. The marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, which already happened by the time of the novel’s opening chapter, reflects the characteristics of an unhappy marriage. Mr. Bennet married Mrs. Bennet for her beauty and good looks, while Mrs. Bennet married Mr. Bennet for his money only. The two remain very unhappy together, finding no love, compassion or respect between them. The first marriage in the novel between Mr. Collins and Charlotte, shows more of a requirement than a want for…

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