Pride And Prejudice Mrs Bennet Analysis

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Marriage is a major theme in the novel Pride and Prejudice, and one of the characters with the strongest views on marriage is Mrs Bennet. However, Mrs Bennet’s views contrast with those of other characters, like Mr Bennet and Lady Catherine. These opposing views help us to give us insight into the varying views of society at the time.

Mrs Bennet’s views about marriage are very traditional, and she is known throughout the novel for wanting her children to get married for selfish or material reasons. Nevertheless, she also wants the best for her family while considering marriage. Mrs Bennet wants the daughters to get married for many reasons, but a major reason regards their estate. Since Mrs Bennet has only daughters and none of them can inherit
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She values social statuses, and believes that her nephew must marry someone of equal fortune and honour as him. “Your alliance will be a disgrace; your name will never be mentioned by any of us.” (Chapter 56 Page 336) She also values what others in the community think, and she believes that your friends and family should have a say in who you marry. “”Do you pay no regard to the wishes of his friends? To his tacit engagement to Miss De Bourgh?” (Chapter 56 Page 336) She also has a clear image of who her nephews wife should be, and how she should act, and she is very shocked by his choice in Elizabeth as a wife. “Miss Bennet, I am shocked and astonished. I expected to find a more reasonable young women.” (Chapter 56 Page …show more content…
Mrs Bennet’s views on marriage are similar to those of Lady Catherine as they both value estate and fortune, but Lady Catherine is much more focused on the standards of society and what people will think of the marriage, while Mrs Bennet is more focused on the happiness of her

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