Ways To Build A Non-Bully Zone In The Classroom

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According to Yale University, victims of bullying are 2 to 9 times more probable to think about committing suicide than non-victims are. Suicide is one of the effects of bullying. Bullying can be prevented by having consequences and prevention put in place. School officials, parents, and guardians need to execute more prevention, along with consequences, for the school bullies across the country. More prevention would prevent other incidents, keep the bullied kids safe, and reduce depression and suicidal thoughts. It would not only help kids but also the teachers. Teachers would be able to focus more on academics than bully prevention.
Prevention would reduce the opportunities for other bully situations. More people encounter bullies than it
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Rules are a number one priority to make a safe classroom. Rules and regulations should be created by the teachers that follow the school’s policy (“How to Build a Non-Bully Zone in the Classroom”). With having regulations and rules, this will create a safer environment for victims in the classroom. Excellent teachers are a second priority to a safe classroom. Teachers need to treat all of their students with respect, to show them an example of how to treat others and give instructions in a positive way (“How to Build a Non-Bully Zone in the Classroom”). Showing respect equally towards the students will make the bullies realize what they are doing wrong and will change their behavior. Then the victims will feel more comfortable about being in that classroom. The teacher’s comments are a step to a safe class. They should encourage students to be the best person they could be. Do not focus on a student’s negative behaviors rather focus on the positive behaviors, but the negative behaviors should be addressed. For every 4 or 5 positive comments about their behavior there should be a least one 1 piece constructive criticism so that they can change that way of behavior (“How to Build a Non-Bully Zone in the Classroom”). When teachers tell their students, who are bullies, what they are doing wrong, it will change their behavior so it will create a safe environment for all …show more content…
Poor grades are an effect of being bullied. The high levels of bullying are frequently associated with poor grades throughout three years of middle school. Students who perform considerably worse academically than their peers are students who are bullied the most. Due to findings, one-point increase on a four-point bullying scale was followed by a decrease of 1.5-point in their GPA for only one subject (Wolpert). Having a 1.5 GPA decrease is not going to help you do well academically, but having prevention for bullies will help because everyone will be less likely to encounter a bully so it will help them for their academic sake. Just even having some contact with a bully can have an effect on you. Students who have come in contact with a bully, for most of time in school, have a higher risk of poor performance and commitment (Crist). If bullies have more prevention, victims would have the chance to do better academically. Also, they would have a high performance and commitment. Kids can regain some values back depending on when they were bullied. Children who are victims for only their earlier years in school will gain higher school performance, self-esteem, and liking school after they were being bullied (Crist). Bullied victims in early years can gain their self-esteem, high performance in school, and their liking of school after they are bullied. The effect of this is they can go on and do better academically

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