Prevention : Prevention And Prevention Essay

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1. Please define and classify the different prevention approaches.

There are two different to classify prevention efforts. First, Prevention versus control focused on corrective prevention, punitive prevention, and mechanical prevention. Corrective prevention deals with eliminating conditions that can lead to criminal behavior. Punitive prevention focused on using punishment as a to forestall criminal acts. “Mechanical prevention is directed toward “target hardening”, making it difficult or impossible to commit particular offenses. Locks on doors, bars on windows, alarms, security guards and many other options are available to protect possible target of criminal acts” (Hess, 372). Second, Three Levels of Delinquency Prevention focused on primary, secondary, or tertiary. Primary prevention modifies and changes conditions that are in the environment of a juvenile such as physical or social conditions that lead to risk factors. Secondary prevention seeks early identification or intervention that focuses on the lives of individuals along with groups that can be found in crime-causing circumstances. “Tertiary prevention”, the third level is aimed at preventing recidivism- that is, it focuses on preventing further delinquent acts by youths already identified as delinquent” (Hess, Page 373)

2. Please discuss the two things that a prevention program must address in order to be successful.

“Effective prevention approaches must address both the conditions and the lack of…

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