Ineffective Punishment Essay

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Ineffective Punishment

Crime prevention is equally, if not more important the punishing those who commit the crimes. In a world where our constant need for growth is met with smarter and more dangerous criminals, we need to take more drastic steps to protect the innocent citizens of this country.
Even if the means to do so, may seem extreme. Going to prison is thought to deter criminals from committing any crimes. However in a circumstance that this form of punishment does not deter anyone from committing crimes, what should be done with the criminals? Should they be let free, or should the punishment be more severe.
A plan is only as good as its outcome. No matter how well the plan is executed, if the desired
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The gross amount of resource, funds and man power needed in order to prisons running could be better spent on the community. Why should schools and starving children go without when we have the means to improve/feed them by removing ineffective prisons? People say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. With proof that prison does not deter criminals from committing crimes, we need to drastically reevaluate our punishment system.
Instead of sending people to prison we should sentence particular offenders to community service that directly involves some aspects of the crimes they committed. With this new and

revolutionary idea of involving the criminal with the crimes they commit, it will hopefully bring clarity to how their actions affected not only their victims but the community as well. Additional probation and therapy would be mandatory for all offenders, and they would have to be registered offenders. Similar to sex offenders, whatever crime they committed, they would have to register as what they are, for communities, and potential employer to see. This is not to embarrass them,
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They world would literally be a better place without them. With that being said, the process in order to convict someone of such crimes would be much more extensive than it is now, to ensure we do not sentence the wrong person to death.
In a world where we have the ability to see into the future and it is a guarantee that visions of crime are for sure going to be committed then I would support the idea to obtain the criminal before the crime is committed. At least for a period of time to see the after effects of interfering with “fate”. If there are no adverse effects, then I would continue to support the motion to obtain criminals before they commit their crimes. This would be an exhausting job, however there would be people willing to work around the clock to protect the citizens. In my opinion this would be the most effective way to protect communities and deter crime from happening.
Although many would think that this is a violation of rights, what should be the focus is the bigger picture. A citizen, not a criminal, gets obtained. They are held for an

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