Prevention Of Urinary Tract Infections Essay

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Since October 2015, there has not been one Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections on 7B, and this nurse has also done a phenomenal job in helping to achieve this goal. She provides Foley care to her patients with a Foley and advocates with the physician about removal. When inserting Foley catheters, she performs the procedure sterilely and ensures that the nursing assistant that she delegates the tasks to is competent in performing them. She always maintains her patient’s bag below the level of the bladder and off the floor and educates Patient Safety Aides and nursing assistants about the importance of keeping the bag lower than the bladder. Only two Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers occurred on 7B for FY15. Through quarterly chart audits, Ms. Rice has found that completion of the Braden Scale risk assessment within 24 hours of admission is at 100%, completion of the skin assessment within 24 hours of admission is at 100%, pressure ulcer prevention education on admission is at 100%, documentation of interventions for patients at risk for skin breakdown is at 100%, and daily skin reassessments are being completed 100% of the time on 7B. She is dutiful in accurately completing the 24 hour Pressure Ulcer Survey and ensuring Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse consults have been placed and interventions are implemented when performing as Charge Nurse. She also provides the staff, patients, and the patients’ caregivers in decubitus ulcer prevention measures, such as using the…

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