Essay Preventing Our Children From The Dangers Of Drugs

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Preventing our Children from the Dangers of Drugs
I went to a high school where at least half the students use or tried weed. And majority of them weren’t even 18 yet. My freshman and sophomore year of high school I used to have to smell weed every morning, because this upperclassman would smoke a blunt on the bus. He was never disciplined for smoking on school property. At my high school you got suspended longer for a fight, then bringing/selling weed on school grounds. Shouldn’t there be a harsher punishment for bringing/ being under the influence of drugs in a drug free zone? Shouldn’t these students be taught more not to use drugs due to the dangers and risks of using drugs? Last school year alone, there were over two students who needed an ambulance due to getting synthetic weed. Shouldn’t students learn from their fellow peers and learn what drugs they could be getting?
Drugs have influenced almost everyone by one way or another. Whether it’s by the act of using drugs, or knowing someone who does use drugs. We are all some way or another influenced by drugs. We live on an island where there is a heroin epidemic, and it’s been on the rise for years. More and more teenagers are using some type of drug. Most common used drug is marijuana; teenagers get this drugs from somebody at school or a good friend. Now the real question is, how do we stop this.
Many teenagers believe that marijuana is not bad for their health. Marijuana also most commonly known as weed, is a drug…

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