Preventing Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster Essay

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Prevent Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster
The most extreme way to produce power is by nuclear fission. They do this by splitting single atoms, Nuclear Energy Institute states “Nuclear power plants obtain the heat needed to produce steam through a physical process. This process, called fission, entails the splitting of atoms of uranium in a nuclear reactor. The uranium fuel consists of small, hard ceramic pellets that are packaged in long, vertical tubes. Bundles of this fuel are inserted into the reactor.” Power produced this way also has drawbacks. Producing this kind of power also produces an extreme amount of heat. If the cooling system loses power the reactor temperature rises dangerously high which will then release radiation, causing many hazards to the people who work to produce the power and surrounding communities near the plant. A nuclear meltdown is caused when a nuclear power plant loses power, which then forces the cooling system to malfunction by not being able to keep temperatures cooled making the nuclear temperature extremely dangerous. The effects of a nuclear meltdown are the reactor will release large amounts of radiation far distances as stated on They noted that during the Fukushima incident in Japan back in 2011, the reactors through a radioactive element, cesium-137, as far as twenty-five miles away into a village. The radiation level was so high that the element might make the village permanently uninhabitable. This…

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