How Radiation Affect Marine Life

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Since the invention of nuclear power there has been a question. How does radiation affect life? Scientist have done studies in labs but never has a study like this taken place. Millions of gallons of radioactive water was dumped into the ocean by a nuclear plant in japan. Now scientist have a mass area of ocean filled with radiation. Now they have to find out how will this affect life in the ocean, and how to save it.

Since Fukushima dumped the radiation in the ocean scientists have done many comprehensive studies on the marine life. Through these studies they found that many of the seals and shellfish are suffering from blood cancer. Infact since japan's plant spilled the radiation the amount of marine animals with blood cancer has doubled.
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The sea animals that survived to breed have problems. The children off these animals suffer from birth defects. Sharks are having two headed babies, which are struggling to survive. Other species of animals are having less and less children to carry on the population. Even the people by the radiation leak are having birth defects, such as anencephaly. Which is a fatal birth defect where the baby is born without parts of its brain and skull.

The final problem I will be writing about will be the lack of food in the ocean. As I stated earlier sea animals are having less children. This causes a struggle to find food. Predators are having more and more of a struggle to find food. This struggle is causing the population of predatory animals to die off even more. Less and less of the oceans birds and fish can find food. This is a chain reaction that we need to find a way to stop to save the ocean.

The Fukushima radiation leak has caused many problems in the ocean. From the blood cancer that is arising, to the birth defects, and the lack of food. The radiation that is being leaked is killing the ocean. Scientists need to find a way to stop this before it is too

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