Preventing Bullying Essay

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Bullying is one thing that can come in many forms and sizes. It is one topic that may never get old. Bullying can start at any age for whatever reason and continue for a long time and leave harmful scars behind. There are many types of bullying. There is verbal, physical, relational and cyberbullying. But each one of these ends up hurting the victim some way possible. This is why bullying needs to be a major awareness and we need to find different ways to prevent it from happening to each other. So as mentioned, there are many types of forms when it comes to bullying. One of them is physical bullying, which is the most obvious that involves hitting, kicking and destroying property. Usually with physical bullying the victim will be left with …show more content…
On a professional note, Dr. Meri Wallace, a child and family therapist, gives us ideas on preventing bullying in Seven Ways to Prevent Bullying. One is identifying bully language as part of student’s curriculum. This can be create a more positive environment for the students. Secondly, establish a system so a child can report being bullied. This will help counselors and parents meet to discuss the problem. Thirdly, have classrooms discuss the motivation and effects of bullying. With this education can help students make better choice for themselves and eliminate bullying. Then fourth, professionals should teach children role-playing and write out plays about different bullying scenarios. This will gain a better understanding from different points of view. And fifth, there should be days like,” Bullying Awareness Tuesdays” that mainly focuses on stopping bullies and if a student reports bullying it should be rewarded. Then sixth, schools should have strong repercussions for bullying. This can help families examine their family relationship and see if there is any bullying going on. And lastly, have the child develop a support system in case of bullying occurs. With ideas like these, can make a school feel safer for students to walk in and feel confident and build up their

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