Presidential Candidates : The Presidential Future Essay

1230 Words Oct 28th, 2015 null Page
Although looking into our presidential future is fairly speculative, some logical conclusions can be drawn about where we are headed, as well as how we will look back on these events of the past years. The key to creating these logical conclusions is the use of current polling data and news paired with a comparison to past elections. Therefore, as always, history is the ultimate guide to the future. Looking back at the factors and patterns that have influenced presidential nominations in the past will give us important clues to who our upcoming presidential candidates might be. For instance, years ago knowing that the New Hampshire primary was highly predictive of nominees would have enabled you to very accurately predict who each party would choose as their candidate.
At the same time, knowing now that these primaries have become less and less predictive tells us what information to really pay attention to. However, because seeing all the factors that influence nomination is impossible this exercise does remain theoretical regardless of how much money you are willing to bet. Moreover, any analysis of our current times is highly biased and short sighted, making any estimations of how future historians will view things slightly inaccurate. Years from now they will have the benefit of the hindsight, of seeing events in the long run. History often looks much different to the people who are living it compared to those who are reading it. Yet we must do our best and guess…

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