President Obama Made His Foreign Policy Address At The 70th General Assembly Of The United Nations

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On September 28th, 2015 President Obama made his foreign policy address at the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations. The majority of his points were made from an idealistic perspective, as well as expressing John Burton 's behavioral realism perspectives. However, there were points that leaned toward the side of political realism, as well as certain points that depending on one 's perspective could be taken either way. In the second paragraph of the President 's address, he expresses the importance of alliances among the nations present that prevented a third world war. He continues to boat international system they have created that punishes countries "who choose conflict over cooperation...". The fact that the United States is working together with other countries as a team per se to maintain peace on its face seems very idealistic. However, considering that the United State 's is still the world 's largest superpower this statement can be seen in a defensive realist perspective. In that defensive realism like Waltz describes is that states should not maximize their power because if they do the system will punish them. In this case, the United Nations is that system. At the same time the United Nations being an entity that imposes sanctions against nation 's who do not conform is contradictory to the assumption in structural realism that nation 's exist in an anarchic system, one could argue that the United State 's has a great if not the most amount…

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