What Are John F Kennedy's Conspiracy Theories

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John F. Kennedy Conspiracy Theories

November 22, 1963, at approximately twelve thirty in the afternoon, America would add another chapter to the history book. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a motorcade campaign in Dallas, Texas. Stunned, Americans watched in horror and utter disbelief as the news of President Kennedy’s senseless murder traveled across the airways. Fear, panic, and unclear information tortured the minds of Americans. Countless investigations only added more confusion and uncertainty as to what really happened and why. Sadly, over 50 years have passed since Kennedy’s death without a definite resolution. However, John F. Kennedy’s assassination brings to light many interesting, controversial theories such as the involvement of the Mafia, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Lee Harvey Oswald. First, because tensions between John and Robert Kennedy and the Mafia date back to the 1950s made the Mafia an obvious choice. In fact, Kennedy’s younger brother, Robert, added fuel to the fire because he served as counsel for the senate to try to expose and punish those involved in organized crime. In the text it states, “The investigation uncovered close ties between some union leaders and important figures in organized crimes, ties indicating that the Mafia
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Without a doubt, the Mafia had their reasons to silence Kennedy, only to be matched by Johnson’s strong hatred towards Kennedy, and Oswald’s dysfunctional lifestyle and hatred towards the United States makes for a puzzle that may never be put together. Over the past fifty years many theories with pages and pages of information revealing possible motives and personal involvement have surfaced making a clear cut answer nearly impossible. However, most people agree this was not the work of one person but involved many individuals, stemming from organized

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