Lee Harvey Kennedy Jfk Assassination Case

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It was the day of November 22, 1963, commotion ran rampant across the Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas as thousands of people were witnessing a man gasp for his last breaths on the shoulders of his wife. That man was the 35th president of the United States of America,
John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In the days that followed, through unsubstantial evidence, Lee Harvey
Oswald would be convicted for this heinous crime, however, before he could have a chance to prove his innocence in a fair and just trial , he was shot and killed by a Dallas nightclub owner,
Jack Ruby. After 52 years, conspiracist are reluctant to believe in the unsubstantial evidence provided by the Warren Commission that Oswald was the sole murderer of JFK, leading to the creation of
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After his second court martial, Oswald would defect to the
Soviet Union, where he would attempt to gain a Soviet citizenship, as Oswald wrote to the Soviet
Omar 2 embassy that he wanted be a citizen of the Soviet Union because “ I am a communist and a worker” ( www.archives.gov ). Just weeks later, JFK had been assassinated, and 45 minutes away from the site of the scene was Lee Harvey Oswald, who had just shot an officer that queried him about the assassination of JFK. Two days after the death of JFK, Oswald, who was being transported to the Dallas Police Station, was shot and killed by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner in downtown Dallas. With Oswald dead without any confessions, The Warren Commission continued to carry out investigations of the assassination of JFK. What they found was rather tainting of Oswald’s already appalling legacy.
In a court case pitting the now deceased Oswald against the people of America, The
Warren Commission would present appealing information to the jury. The first piece of evidence against Oswald was that a recently fired rifle was found on the 6th floor of the Texas
Schoolbook Depository, where many witnesses had claimed to see Oswald stationed. Next,

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