Prescription Drug Use Essay

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Since 2008 to 2012, use of prescription drugs among teenagers rose 33%. The reasons for teens to take and use prescription drugs for a variety of reasons. The CDC said, “Percent of persons using at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days: 48.7% (2009-2012)” (“Therapeutic Drug Use”). The population increased with the use from the teenagers use, although they aren’t based on the same amount of use. Prescription drugs are used to help people, yet teens are abusing them. The article from the National Institute for Drug Abuse says, “Prescription drugs change the chemistry of the brain. The brain is made up of about 100 billion neurons. Neurons communicate with each other by using neurotransmitters. Prescription drugs act by mimicking …show more content…
Prescription drugs have many uses, such as pain relief, stress relief, and staying focused. Teens who need to accomplish something, might tend to go for prescription drugs. But reaching for a fake relief can only give false feelings. Meaning that when a teen uses prescription drugs they learn that using drugs they feel better; therefore, even when not using prescription drugs for the correct reason the can become addicted. Teenagers getting addicted to prescription drugs is the final step in the needing the feeling the prescriptions give. The NCADD, National council on alcoholism and drug dependence states, “The non-medical use of prescription drugs has been rising steadily for adolescents, particularly in prescription pain relievers, anti-anxiety medications, stimulants and steroids” (“Prescription Drugs”). Which means the feelings and affects are what drives teens to use prescription drugs. Arria, Caldeira, etc. agrees with the NCADD, “On the whole, prescription drug use increased in direct proportion to psychological states such as anxiety, and use of other restricted substances” (Arria, Caldeira, Vincent). The rise in use of prescription drugs in teens, has a direct link to anxiety. Consequently, teens and anxiety are already linked and prescription drugs can help with anxiety issues. So prescription drugs show that teens, some who abuse them, try to get a feeling by taking

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