Prescription Drug Advertising

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Today television and the internet are the largest part of people’s lives. The only purpose for the internet and TV is to entertain and inform the public. It is impossible to watch television, or scroll down a website without coming across some sort of prescription drug advertising. Direct to Consumer (DTC) prescription drug ads can encourage consumers to demand that their doctors give them an advertised drug. A doctor can and will give their patient what they ask for because some doctors receive incentives for prescribing certain products.
Prescription drugs should not be advertised because drug ads can be misleading, drug ads should inform consumers about the product in full detail. Per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website, “A drug is ‘prescription only’ when medical professionals must supervise its use because patients are not able to use the drug safely on their own.” Harmful side effects are not always explained in detail in the ad
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Consumers may find themselves demanding prescription drugs based on advertisements rather than the use of the medication. Ads use selling strategies to create the dishonest impressions that they are educating the public. Another reason prescription drugs should not be advertised is because consumers will self-diagnose themselves and play “Dr. Internet”. Also, drug ads use false authority to try and sell their products. One argument is that Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTCA) is a public service message about a disease and only plays a part as the information source and motivates people to search for appropriate treatment if they think it’s necessary. Supporters of drug advertising say one of the benefits of the

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