The Importance Of Emergent Curriculum

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If I would be a head teacher in a preschool then I would like the Emergent curriculum. . I would like the Reggio Emilia approach for my curriculum, because their approach is emerging from the children’s interest. Their philosophy is all about observing what children already know and what could challenge them. When the curriculum will be children based then it will be more creative and it will develop the children’s self-esteem. The most important preschool curriculum is when it comes from the children. When we let the children decide what to do rather than imposing a pre-planned activities, then they will be more enthusiastic to learn. At a very young age, they want to observe and explore the world around them, because their brain is made like …show more content…
We have to bring the child from inside what he/she really is? It will be better because there is always respect for children. In the article “Runaway Bunny” it is stated that “the teachable moments are when a child’s genuine excitement becomes the basis for learning’’. Children like to learn things when something is very interesting and meaningful to them.
According to the theme I would like to arrange the physical environment, and it should be the most important aspect of the curriculum. It depends on what idea the kids are coming with, and a teacher has to arrange and support the surroundings accordingly. The classroom should feel like more welcoming way by which the children can feel their own space and belongings. For ex- when we put the paintings on the wall which created by them, or the picture we took when they were doing arts and crafts. The classroom should have big windows, so that plenty of sunlight can come and the children can feel close to nature. The children should be provided with materials and space to work on their own without any interruption. When the children
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Teacher has to be a partner, for the child. They have to explore and create new ideas with the children. The teacher has to encourage them and involve with them for further exploration by asking many questions. The teacher should arrange the classroom in such a way so that it will be accessible and interesting for the children. They should organize the materials, so that children can take thoughtful decision. The teacher role is to see the connection between feeling and learning. The teacher should help the children so that they can express their feeling through projects. For example in the video Bev Bos 1991, wild about Learning, the children are so happy and they were doing things which they have interest in it, they were learning while playing . Bev Bos comment ‘’let the children be children’’ teacher role is to help the children to make a healthy relationship and to feel secure in their relationship. In the article; interview with Erica Christakis’’ it is stated that ‘’we are social animals. And children learn through others. So I think the No.1 thing is for kids to have a chance to play, to make friends, to learn to take their

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