Essay about Preparing For The Championship Game

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Ten seconds left in the championship game, Hannahville inbounds the ball, and I steal it. Three, two, one, I have a wide open layup, and I choke.
Preparing for the championship game was a struggle, physically and mentally. We all put in hard work, and were determined to win. Our basketball team hadn’t won a championship game since 1992. It was my senior year and my last shot at redemption against the defending champs. The whole season we only lost one game, we were projected to lose, and we were the underdogs. We had one week left to prepare for what was the largest game of my high school career. Monday’s practice was the worst of the week, we only ran and shot free throws. Tuesday came and everyone was sore, so we all just focused on our fundamentals. Passing, shooting, defense and rebounding were the main things we worked on. Wednesday and Thursday were about the same practice, shooting and plays. Thursday everyone was anxious, ready for game day. The coach knew it, the school knew it, I knew it. Then came game day, the day everyone was waiting for. I was so nervous, I knew that we could win, we just had to perform.
The refs blew the whistle and the ball was up, we had first possession. I dribbled it up the court and scored the first points. Then I stole the ball, and got an assist. Right as I started growing confidence the other team made a three pointer. I dribbled up the court, and was moving the ball around well, then my teammate had an open shot and missed, the…

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