Macbeth Dishonest Analysis

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Ambitions control much of society. The struggle to achieve goals often leads individuals to become arrogant once their dreams are realized. It is only when these desires are achieved through dishonest means, that humans express true regret. William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Macbeth, is the embodiment of excessive vanity and ambitions to accomplish the inconceivable. Particularly, the protagonist attempts to send a powerful message to the Elizabethans; when something is achieved with dishonesty, an individual, such as Macbeth illustrates paranoia intensively increasing due to his sins. Additionally, Macbeth depicts how the pursuit of endless prosperity would result in eventual demise. Macbeth’s downfall was significantly due to his paranoia …show more content…
On a crisp morning in mid-May, I had made a resolve to a dominant my first game after a whole year. Waking up that morning, my past failures flashed in front of my eyes, losing a championship in my last game. Yet I was a new man. For one whole year, I was itching for the opportunity to prove myself, and my heart pounded with adrenaline. My determination to succeed only grew knowing that I’d be playing alongside a lot of my former teammates, against one of the worst teams in the league. Leading up to the game, I boasted to my team, warning them of the great performance that was about to ensue. Macbeth’s ego was not far off from my own, and I almost knew with certainty that I’d succeed. Thirty minutes later, I hold the ball for the first time in a year. At the top of my run-up, I’m steaming in, and the ball is off the mark and smashed out of the park. I continued to bowl at an unquestionably slow and lethargic pace. The ball would pitch in every breadth of the pitch, excluding the good ones. Once the first innings ended, I had put up the worst bowling performance of my life and knew that I had to bat with every sliver of energy within me to live up to the boastful claims I had made. The spotlight began shining on me once again, as a spew of presumptuous claims left my mouth. My self-esteem was almost becoming corrosive. In quick time my feet led me to the crease, and only half a minute later, my ambitions quickly tumbled down. Getting out off the first ball I played, strutting back off the field. Similar to Macbeth, my extravagant ambitions were laid to rest by my equally dominating egotistical

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