Essay about Prejudice - Remember the Titans

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Prejudice; the unjustified negative attitude towards an individual or group based solely on their position within certain societal groups. Prejudice is not merely a statement of opinion or belief, but an attitude that includes feelings of contempt, fear and loathing, which results from a preconceived cognition or stereotype. I.E. black people aren’t as smart as white people, all gay men are effeminate etc. These core beliefs more often than not lead to heavily discriminatory behaviour from the in-group in order to undermine the out-group/minority and force them to believe their own stereotypes. This idea can be clearly related back to the movie Remember the Titans where racism, sexism and homophobia were a regular occurrence backed up by …show more content…
“I’m Gerry Bertier, the only all American you’ve got on this team….if you want any of us to play for you, you gotta to reserve half of the open positions for Hammond players…. We don’t need any of your people on defence.” – Gerry Bertier to Coach Boone.
The term ‘Social Identity theory’ (SIT) was first coined in the 1970’s by psychologists Henri Tajfel and John Turner and is the notion that a person’s sense of self or belonging is based on their affiliations with certain groups. In order to increase our self-image we try to enhance the outward status of the group that we belong to. Therefore we divided the world into “them” and “us” through a process known as ‘social categorisation’ (in-group vs out-group). Examples of these social groups can be observed throughout history. I.E. Rwanda – Hutus and Tutsis, Northern Ireland – Protestants and Catholics, Germany – Jews and Nazis etc. And as in the case of Remember the Titans, black people vs white people and blacks and whites vs gay people (Sunshine). One implication that comes from this in-group vs out-group conflict is in-group favouritism/out-group bias wherein people give preferential treatment to those who are perceived to be part of their in-group and as a result, display negative attitudes or discriminatory behaviour to those in their out group. I.E. in the movie, when everyone on the team has bonded

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