What Is Your Preconception Of The Third World

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The preconceptions I hold about life in the countries we are studying are that they are poor, sick, have bad healthcare (if any), and low life expectancies. I would imagine they would have high crime rates, little respect for government, and economical issues. Not everyone has the same religion and in poorer countries this becomes a problem, I envision wars among one another. People fighting for their life because their belief system is not what their government, dictator, king, or whomever is in charge belief is. When thinking of the “Third World” my preconceptions are sadness, unhappiness, sickness, and people fear for their life on a day to day bases. Global interdependence from “Third World” countries are all around us, but we probably never paid that much attention to it. Almost everything that we buy is an imported product, something things are made right here in the USA but most of it, it not. On the inside of your shirt on the tag most likely says “Made In…” with some other countries name on it, toys and other items usually say “Made In China”, and our food comes from all over the world as well. One of the biggest thing that get imported to us is oil. Global …show more content…
The three different categories dealing with HIV/AIDS, adult prevalence rate being a 3.17% ranking Nigeria at number 18. They received the number three ranking with having 3,228,600 people living with HIV/ADIS. After reading these statistics it is not surprising that Nigeria also has had 209,600 people die from the HIV/ADIS virus ranking them number one on the chart. The second major life issue is their infant mortality rate. With 72.7 deaths out of 1,000 live birth Nigeria was ranked number 10. Male deaths are the highest with 77.55 and female deaths being 67.55. HIV/ADIS and infant mortality rates are not something we really have to worry about here in America, but it is a very big problem in Nigeria and other countries as

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