Prayer On Public Schools Should Remain Illegal Essay examples

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Prayer in public schools in an ongoing debate throughout the United States. There are many people who feel that prayer in public schools should be allowed because of personal beliefs, but there are plenty of arguments that say otherwise. This paper will cover the obvious and also extremely legitimate reasons as to why prayer in public schools should remain illegal. This will also explain some reasons why this subject is continuously abandoned. As we all know prayer in public schools is already illegal. Organized prayer in schools is unconstitutional. The law allows students to voluntarily pray as long as it is conducted in a non-disruptive way, otherwise the prayer is deemed as unnecessary and unlawful. School prayer is in the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment which basically states that the government is never allowed to make a law that respects or condones the establishment of religion. The fact that public schools are funded by the government means that if the school administration conducts routine prayer it, will still violate the 1st amendment and be considered government-established religion.
Back in 1802 Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter the common metaphor, “separation of church and state”, which means exactly what it says. “Separation of church and state” is basically “the church staying out of the state’s business and the state staying out of the church’s business” ( People wrongly believe that this phrase is in the constitution, but…

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