Practice On Own Account By The Nzls Essay

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STEP TWO: Be approved to practice on own account by the NZLS
Operating your own law practice

Once you have been admitted as a barrister and solicitor you are not able to immediately set up practice on your own. There are rules governing the experience required by lawyers who have a direct say in the conduct or operation of any legal practice. If you want to do any of the following, you must be qualified to practise "on your own account": to operate as a sole practitioner with or without a trust account; to operate as a barrister (not as the employee of another barrister); to become a partner in a law firm; to become a director or voting shareholder of an incorporated law firm; as an in-house lawyer you want to enter into a contract for services with a non-lawyer; or as a consultant you wish to provide regular regulated legal services by way of a contract for services.
As regulator of the legal profession, the Law Society must be satisfied that anyone wanting to practise on own account is qualified to do so. The decision takes into account your legal experience, how you intend to practise, the fields of law in which you will practise, and any other relevant matters.

How long before I can practice on my own account?

Anyone wanting to practice on own account must have 3 years ' full-time legal experience in New Zealand during the 5 years before they commence practice on own account.

There is some discretion available to the Law Society in relation to length of time of…

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