Power Of The President Is A Great Strategy Of Our Founding Fathers

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Our country was colonized by settlers that were looking for a way OUT of their own country in which leaders had too much power they were escaping dictatorship. They knew the consequences of leaders having too much power, which they suffer on their own skin sure this was one the first reasons they decided to leave in perused of freedoms that they didn’t have. With this being set when the time came to delegate power to the government, they were sure not to give too much power to no one part of the government, limiting the power of the president not only to prevent their past to repeat but to also create a different type of government that they have never experienced before. The limited power of the president is a great strategy of our founding fathers, they knew that every person elected to this position will come with long term ideas that would affect the direction of our country and also affect future generations. Even with all this limitation of power a president can still make long-term decisions a great example of that is the one we found in Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia publication about Abraham Lincoln “In the midst of the struggle, Lincoln drafted his Emancipation Proclamation, calling for the freedom of the slaves.” Even though this did not immediately abolish slavery, it created a precedent for generation to come. This clearly shows that a president can really make long-term decisions when all parts of government work together for a common goal. At the time…

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