Essay on Power Between England And Scotland

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The theme of power is explored in various ways throughout ‘Othello’, Shakespeare uses his characters’ flaws to denote power, often through the art of manipulation. The value consensus of the Elizabethan era also highlights the difference in gender roles, and the social expectations that were forced upon them, largely defined by the divine order. The power and influence of social mobility also creates a strong platform for the theme of power to be embedded upon, as characters such as Desdemona and Emilia connote the struggle of being a woman living in a dominant patriarchal society. Similarly, Shakespeare explores the way in which power can change in different settings and the influence that this can hold upon reputation, pride, and position. The power struggles between England and Scotland during 1603 when ‘Othello’ is believed to have been written, could have influenced Shakespeare’s portrayal of relationships and superiority.
Throughout the play, many characters’ present powerful traits that influence the way in which the narrative progresses. For example, we see the character of Othello eventually lose his position and control, which starkly contrasts his authoritative dominance presented in Act 1, Scene 3 as he fights for his marriage. As Othello tries to convince Brabantio and the Duke of his relationship with Desdemona, his poetic language creates an emphatic quality, that allows him to maintain control. The declarative of ‘Here comes the lady; let her witness it’…

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