Poverty Concerns Have Affected My Profession And My Educational Institution

1312 Words Jul 17th, 2016 null Page
Poverty concerns have affected my profession and my educational institution. Our school is approximately sixty percent free and reduced lunch, which under the guidelines of poverty, that means sixty percent of our students come from homes where they are not able to adequately feed their children. I truly feel where I teach is in the throngs of poverty. Poverty issues have affected my career and my school; therefore, poverty has affected my students’ learning in a tremendous fashion. This is a concept that I apprehend; however, after an in-depth look from this seminar, I now feel I have more tools, strategies, and understanding to do something more practical about it. Teaching with poverty impacted students in mind should occur every day during my career as an educator and within my school’s environment.
The movies and readings that we absorbed from this seminar really reiterated the fact that poverty is such a vicious cycle and it seems almost impossible to break…almost. It can be broken and it can be overcome. I am needed to be reminded of that every day. Hope and success happen. How do I know this? Through the stories of my classmates, though observations and discussions at the Poverello Center and through passion and hard work at the Montana Food Bank. These are working attainments that have fragmented the cycle. I am in the same master’s program as a classmate of mine who once had to live in a homeless shelter for over two months of her life. That, in and of…

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