P-Tank Swot Analysis

Mission Statement:

The P-Tank D.I.V.A.S is an organization established for adolescent females in secondary education. D.I.V.A.S stands for Determined,Inspirational,Victorious, Admired and Smarter. The main objective of the program is teach character education, promote literacy, and college awareness.


The organization is located at Pasquotank County High School. The high school is located in the school district of Elizabeth Pasquotank Public Schools in North Carolina.The address of the school is 1064 Northside Rd. Elizabeth City 27909. The program will begin fall semester 2016 and end spring semester May 2017. The students will meet during P-Tank time. P-tank time is a thirty-minute remediation period for students. P-Tank time
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Amie Fyee Principal and Assistant Principals will serve as a sited based mentors for Ronna Reid. A teacher council of female teachers will develop to ensure the program is achieving school improvement goals. The students will elect D.I.V.A.S student to become representatives. The students will elected a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Public Relation Communicator. The President will lead the meetings along with teacher support. The President must be junior or senior at Pasquotank High School. The Vice President will collaborate with the President. If the President is absent then the Vice President will lead the forum. The Secretary will record the minutes of the meeting and sent reminders of important information to official members. The Public Relation Communicator promotes the organization through appropriate media coverage.

Achievement Gap Problems : According to the school improvement plan of the Pasquotank County High school female students are scoring lower academically than their male counterparts. Secondly, African American female students are scoring lower than Caucasian females. In addition, many of the students encounter poverty in their personal life. Poverty impacts the student, the olooocommunity, and instructional core in the school. The program goal is to close the achievement gaps instructional and support the goals of the school improvement plan for
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In order to be a productive citizen morale, have an educated mind, and economic stability. At this present moment I am a visionary leader and believing that this project will motivate change in Elizabeth City. Programs are highly needed in school to impact the instructional core and nurtures the school culture. The program will promote the following standards such as 1.5 Involve Community with Vision, 1.5b Communicate with Stakeholders, 2.1 a Promote a Positive School Culture, 2.2 Provide Effective Instructional Program,2.3 Apply Human Development, Learning and Motivational Theories, 2.4 Design and Demonstrate Professional Development Programs consistent with School’s Vision and 4.1Applying Understanding of Community Relations Models. My weakness in my growth plan was the community. As a result, I am going involve community with vision,communicate effectively with community stakeholders, develop an community relation model for the

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